How to Make Air Fry Frozen Mozzarella Sticks?

During the day, there’s nothing better than a fast lunch while the children are home. This is why I love frozen sticks of mozzarella. They are ridiculously easy to do and require no time.

It is easy to cook in the air fryer for one of our favorite frozen food snacks. Just pull them in and the hot air cooks the frozen mozzarella sticks quickly.

What you get is a crispy outdoor crunchy, melty inside cheese that you’re always going to make these air-fried sticks of cheese.

Sometimes you don’t have the time to create homemade mozzarella sticks therefore the next best alternative is frozen.

The process of air frying frozen mozzarella sticks is fairly easy, and it’s a great way to add a healthier alternative to your standard mozzarella sticks.

Making air-fried mozzarella sticks at home can be tricky to figure out. This blog will show you how to make air fry frozen mozzarella sticks delicious at any time of day.

What is a Mozzarella Sticks?

Mozzarella sticks are typically formed from mozzarella cheese sticks that have been covered in a breading and then deep-fried to provide a very crispy texture and flavor profile. Served hot, they’re a popular appetizer that everyone enjoys.



If your Air Fryer has to be preheated, you can add the following:

  • Preheat the oven to 360 degrees.
  • Place the mozzarella sticks in a single layer in the Air Fryer basket and cook until golden brown.
  • Place the basket in the Air Fryer and air fry at 360 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 6 minutes, or until the basket is golden toasted and crispy. After 6 minutes, flip the mozzarella sticks over and continue to air fry for 1-minute intervals until they are cooked through, if they are not.
  • Before air-frying, make sure everything is totally frozen. Make sure they are completely frozen before air frying them. If they are even the tiniest bit mushy in the freezer, they will not cook evenly in the oven. All of the coating will come off in a matter of minutes. When you touch the sticks, they must be dry.
  • Use nonstick spray to prevent sticking. Before you put the sticks in the air fryer basket, spray the basket and sticks with nonstick spray oil to prevent sticking. This prevents them from sticking to the basket, and a little extra oil aids in the browning process.
  • If necessary, work in batches to save time. As a result of my dissatisfaction with the way they sometimes became stuck together for example to prepare eight of these sticks at once, you should divide the process into two batches.
  • You may want to use an extra rack underneath the fry basket and coat it with aluminum foil if you have a toaster oven/air fryer combo in order to prevent mozzarella from dripping onto the heating elements.

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Steps of How to make Air Fry Frozen Mozzarella Sticks?

Making mozzarella sticks in the air fryer is quite simple! All that is required of you is:

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Preparation should be done in advance

Prepare a baking sheet with a rim by lining it with wax paper. In a broad, shallow basin, lightly whisk the egg to combine it with the yolk.

The Italian seasoning, salt, and breadcrumbs should all be combined in a second broad and shallow bowl.

Cheese sticks fried in a hot air fryer the cheese should be dipped in the egg

Recipe for cheese sticks cooked in the air fryer dredge in a bed of breadcrumbs

Prepare the mozzarella sticks and place them in the freezer

Using a mozzarella stick, dip it into the beaten egg and completely coat it. In a shallow basin, toss the stick in the breadcrumbs until it is well coated. This is going to be a mess. It’s all right.

Transfer to a baking sheet lined with wax paper and arrange them so that they do not touch each other in a single layer. Freeze for a minimum of 1/2 hour and a maximum of 1 hour.

Cooking mozzarella sticks in an air fryer is simple. Prepare the sticks by coating them with a coating and freezing them.

Coat the mozzarella sticks once more with the sauce and freeze them once more

Remove the mozzarella sticks from the freezer and dip them into the egg mixture, followed by the breadcrumb mixture, before placing them back in the freezer for another 1/2 hour minimum, 1 hour maximum.

The mozzarella sticks should be fried in the air fryer

Preheat your air fryer to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. Nonstick cooking spray should be used to coat the air fryer basket as well as the mozzarella sticks.

The mozzarella sticks should be placed inside the air fryer basket after the bag has been opened. Make certain that you do not stack them!

Cook the mozzarella sticks at 360 degrees for about 6 minutes, or until they are melted.

If they aren’t golden brown on the outside after 6 minutes, flip them over and cook for another 2 minutes or until they are golden brown on the other side.

Allow for a minute or two of cooling time before eating the mozzarella sticks. Pair it with your favorite dip or marinara sauce to complete the meal.

How does an Air Fryer Works to make Mozzarella Sticks?

The air fryer is a little piece of magic. A countertop convection oven, to put it another way, is essentially what it sounds like.

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However, because it is compact and powerful, it will come up to temperature more quickly than your oven and cook at a faster rate as well.

This means that if you don’t do your prep work for these mozzarella sticks properly; the result will be a genuine hot mess on your hands once they’ve been cooked in the oven.

The sticks will explode and become stuck to the inside of your air fryer once they have exploded.

Using aluminum foil to line the basket will reduce the amount of mess, but the sticks will not cook evenly since air cannot circulate through aluminum foil. Instead, a small amount of nonstick spray will do the job.

The Secret to Make Excellent Mozzarella Sticks

To be sure, this is an inconveniently time-consuming process. You don’t want to go to all of this trouble only to have these cheese sticks burst all over your air fryer once you’ve finished.

Here’s how to make your mozzarella sticks extra tasty:

  • For this recipe, you will need to dip each mozzarella stick in the gently beaten egg and then the breadcrumbs, freeze it briefly, and then repeat the process to cover it with a second coating before air-frying it. These are critical steps to take.
  • If you don’t do this, the coating will slide right off the cheese stick once it’s been placed in the fryer. It extricates itself from the layer in a forceful manner, almost as if it were an exoskeleton or something. The mozzarella stick has been transformed into something palatable. In addition, it’s a mess.
  • Extra crunch is provided by double stacking, as is additional assurance that all of the stick’s surfaces are well coated with the egg and panko mixture. Have you ever tried dipping a piece of cheese in a beaten egg? It’s a precarious situation to be in.
  • There is a lot more freezer time involved than you might anticipate, but I assure you that they will not taste anything like the ones you make from a box that you buy in the freezer area of the supermarket. It’s well worth it.

Things to avoid while making Frozen Mozzarella Sticks

  • The frozen mozzarella sticks should not be prepared in any other way rather than in the air fryer. Normal ovens do not cook them almost as well or crispy.
  • Don’t thaw first. Don’t thaw first. Fry the cheese directly from the freezer. It gives them a crispier outer layer.
  • Spread into a single layer when cooking air. Do not stack the cheese sticks in the basket/tray of the fryer air. If necessary, cook in batches.
  • No oil sprays. No oil spray is needed for the cheese sticks to be cooked. There is plenty in the crust so you don’t have to add extra.

Additional Tips

  • Add your favorite dip and you’re ready to take advantage of it. We like to serve them with Marinara sauce, but we know that many people like to dip them also in barbeque sauce or ranch.
  • If necessary, shake or turn. Don’t overcrowd the basket of air fryer.
  • Recipe timing is based on an air fryer not warmed. When cooking back to back in many lots, the succeeding batches can cook a bit faster.
  • If you use a large air fryer, you may cook faster to adjust your cooking time.
  • Remember to shake/flip/toss once during a specified recipe.
  • If your air fryer is preheated or if several batches are cooked, you may need to lower your time by several minutes (unless preheating is called for in the recipe).

Store Air Fry Frozen Mozzarella Sticks

You can make mozzarella sticks ahead of time and freeze them if you want to save time. Continue freezing the sticks on the tray after the second layer to ensure that they are absolutely frozen firm before removing them.

Transfer the frozen sticks to a zip-top bag and store them for up to 2 to 3 months at room temperature. Make sure you air fry them for 8 to 10 minutes at 360°F (instead of 390°F).

FAQs Related to Mozzarella Sticks

How do you cook frozen breaded mozzarella sticks?

Preheat the conventional oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. A nonstick baking sheet should be used to layout the frozen cheese sticks in a single layer. Bake for 10 minutes on a baking sheet placed on the middle rack of the oven. Toss cheese sticks in the refrigerator for 1 minute before serving.

How long do you air Fry Farm Rich mozzarella sticks?

Preheat the air fryer to 360 degrees Fahrenheit. In a basket, arrange the products in a single layer. 6 minutes in the air fryer for 1 or 2 servings (3 or 6 pieces). Place the sauce packet in a bowl of boiling water for 6-8 minutes.


Making air-fried frozen mozzarella sticks is an excellent way to make some delicious food. When you are biting into your frozen mozzarella sticks you are tasting the perfect blend of cheese, flour, tomato sauce, and spices.

The dish is very simple but is also very delicious. The ingredients will bring water to your mouth just thinking about them. In this article the you came to know how to make air fry frozen mozzarella sticks to enjoy.

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