9 Best Flat Iron for Beach Waves

Summer is the time for beach waves. If you love the look of beach waves as much as I do, then you will want to learn how to get them.

But the question is “which is the best flat iron for beach waves”? That’s what we will talk about in this blog.

The best flat iron is a product designed for girls who want that tousled look, but still want to maintain the smoothness of their hair.

Flat irons are designed for many tasks, but for this category, the flat iron for beach waves is the one that will smooth out some of the frizz and give you the wavy look you want.

So, let us discuss this in detail.

List of Best Flat Iron for Beach Waves

HSI Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair

The HSI Professional Glider is a high-quality ceramic tool used to create dramatic hairstyles with minimal effort.

Its unique design permits the user to get creative and experiment with different ways of styling their hair, as the ceramic plates are temperature-balanced and evenly distribute heat from any heat source all over your hair.

The sleek black color of the ceramic ion plates adds shine and a silky finish to your tresses as well, thus minimizing frizzes and static.

This 8-heat balance microsensor ceramic styling iron from HSI comes with a dual voltage setting and a 360° swivel cord for effortless curls without ruining your hand.

It heats up to 450 degrees F, giving you full control over the precise temperature settings of this styling tool, allowing you to style your hair effortlessly and precisely.

This kit comes with an additional heat-resistant glove that will protect your hand while you work – simply slip it on before use to keep it safe!


  • Dual voltage 
  • 140-450°F temp
  • Microsensors
  • Evenly distribute heat
  • 1-inch plate width
  • Lightweight
  • Add shine to hairs
  • Reduce frizz
  • Easy to use
  • Travel friendly
  • Snag on hair while straightening

NITION Professional Flat iron

In addition to featuring 5-in-1 functionality, the Nition Pro-Style also provides 3D CoolTec operation.

Thanks to its ceramic-coated heating plates that are infused with nanosilver, argan oil, and tourmaline, it is able to emit negative ions that reduce static and frizz by locking in your hair’s moisture content.

However, there is the added bonus of anti-static ceramic coating technology that eliminates those little hairs flying around near your face as you style.

This amazing flat iron is easy to use and quiet. It lets you choose the temperature (6 temperature settings) that’s best for your unique hair needs.

The curling iron is just right, too – it’s precisely made with advanced ceramic technology, so you’ll get rich, shiny results along with healthier-looking hair and more volume.

The extra-long power cord means no awkward stretching to reach outlets or stepping on tangled cords.

The flat iron comes with a 360° swivel cable, a salon comb, two hot clips, and a safety glove. The revolutionary design of the straightener allows one to operate without any buttons, by simply rotating the end of the tool.

Simply rotate clockwise to turn on and increase heat settings. To lower the warm temperature, simply rotate anticlockwise until the desired setting is achieved.

The whole removal of buttons from the surface makes this curling iron look more clean cut with no problematic areas protruding outwards, which can lead to accidental pushing and eventual breaking of some fragile components in your device.


  • 265°F-450°F
  • 2-in-1 Curling Iron
  • 6 temp settings
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Ceramic coated material
  • Lightweight
  • Different temp range
  • Flexible heat plates
  • Unique C sensor
  • Lock the cuticle
  • Expensive

Bestope 1Inch Hair Straightener

This heated flat iron from Bestope makes for a perfect travel companion. Even if you’re somewhere in the world, you’ll be able to balance out your curls or waves because of its dual voltage capabilities.

Plus, it features a smooth metal-ceramic heater that glides effortlessly through your hair -not just any hair, but even the most fragile and delicate strands out there!

This flat iron is great for students who are constantly on the go. This flat iron features ceramic plates that are glazed with ionic technology, which minimizes frizz and allows hair to remain healthy.

It uses 110-220V dual voltage, allowing you to select the heat level that works best for the type of hair you have.

The heat-resistant glove helps protect your fingers from burns while you style, two clips included making it easier to clip through hair if necessary, and the travel bag makes it simple to take this flat iron with you when traveling.


  • 60 min auto-shutoff
  • 110-220V dual voltage
  • 3D floating plates
  • Reduce hair friction
  • Ceramic plates
  • Budget friendly
  • Minimize frizz
  • Distribute even heat
  • Lightweight
  • Good quality
  • Problem in buttons

MONDAVA Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

This product is a favorite among beauty experts for a wide range of reasons. Its large 1¼’’ ceramic plates make hair styling effortless, and its tourmaline heat source delivers up to three million negatively charged ions that protect hair from heat damage by smoothing down frizz and giving fine hair a soft, silky texture.

This protective quality extends even to thick or coarse textures meaning that no matter your hair type you get smooth and shiny locks in just one or two passes.

This travel straightener is dual voltage so you can use it anywhere in the world. If you’re someone who appreciates safety features, this straightener comes with an auto shut-off feature, a tangle-free swivel cord, and a hinge lock mechanism.

If you move around a lot while styling your hair then this extra-long 6-foot power cord will be put to good use as it eliminates the need to always sit in front of a mirror or have someone else hold it for you; plus there’s no chance of it getting tangled around your wrist.


  • Negative ion technology
  • Award-winning flat iron
  • Unique design
  • Dual voltage
  • Ceramic tourmaline material
  • Lightweight
  • Travel friendly
  • Affordable
  • Give shine to hairs
  • Prevent heat damage
  • Difficult to achieve the proper heat setting

LANDOT Hair Straightener

Landot Flat Iron has a range of 11 go-to heat settings, the first of which heats up rapidly enough for you to style those long, wavy strands in just 30 seconds.

The company prides itself on its coatings, which are infused with keratin and almond oil and provide additional nourishment to your locks.

Its non-stick ceramic plates are great for reducing static when you style your hair and also ensure quick styling times as well.

What’s more, is that this model comes equipped with a color ring to denote hot or cool temperatures on different settings for easier styling – especially if your fingers are covered in the product more often than not.

The digital LCD screen accurately informs the user of the temperature of the styling rod. Featuring practical features, including an ‘auto shut-off mechanism to prevent over-heating and its stylish design with a swivel cord, this styler is extremely travel-friendly.

Reputable for its high-quality design, it comes with an additional heat-resistant protective sleeve for safe storage “in-built”.


  • Negative ion technology
  • 4x protection
  • Build in ionic generator
  • 11 temp settings
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Reduce frizz
  • Maximum shine to hairs
  • Budget friendly
  • 30 sec heat up time
  • Good design
  • Hair breakage issue

Deogra Flat Iron

Curly or thick hair can be difficult to style. The DEOGRA Flat Iron is the ideal styling tool for such hair types because the unique ion outlets distribute negative ions through the entire length of your hair, coating each strand to protect it from heat damage whilst also sealing natural oils and moisture in and frizz out.

The ceramic and tourmaline plates with a 3D floating technology are designed to keep your hair treatments intact while retaining your natural shine, meaning that you’ll have everything you need to perfectly sculpt your tresses.

On top of this, you can rely on curved edges to prevent snagging or pulling. This hair straightener is equipped with a curved plate design that makes it easy to use, and it heats up in 30 seconds.

The device has six adjustable temperature settings ranging between 330℉ to 430℉ which allow you to create loose waves or smooth sleek styles, depending on your personal preference.

The digital LCD display allows you to easily see the temperature so you know if the heat is just right for your hair type.


  • 30 sec heat up time
  • 3D floating plates
  • 330℉ to 430℉
  • 360-degree swivel cord
  • Shut off feature
  • Ultra shiny hairs
  • High quality product
  • Long cord
  • Optimum performance
  • Safety lock function
  • Not durable

TYMO Hair Curling Flat Iron

The TYMO Airflow Styler features 88 invisible cambered ionic and ceramic flow tubes that will maintain your hair cool throughout the process of applying heat.

These heat-stabilizing ceramic and ionic air holes wind through the barrel before reaching the flat surface of your hair, protecting it from both high temperatures and unwanted frizz.

Your hair is left silky smooth with no damage after use, which is again a result of the low 4 5 temperature setting.

This product also has 25℃ airflow pulling away excess heat to avoid any unwanted accidents or burns while styling your tresses.

With instant heat up and cool down, this flat iron glides through thick or tangled hair with ease. It features tourmaline technology for super-smooth styling and floating plates for a high gloss finish that eliminates frizz and flyaways.

The single-pass design will make your next hairstyle shine. This flat iron comes with 5 heat settings that range from 280-430 degrees Fahrenheit.

The auto shut-off feature prevents damage from accidental burns or leaks when the curling iron is not in use.


  • 3D floating plates
  • 88 Tiny Ionic Air Vents
  • 5 Adjustable temp
  • 360-degree cool airflow
  • PTC technology
  • Sleek and smooth look of hairs
  • Reduce frizz
  • Lightweight
  • Unique design
  • Comes with accessories
  • None

YiJiaBa Ionic Hair Straightener

Thanks to the innovative Curl Panel design on this ionic hair straightener, beautifying your locks will be like a walk in the park.

It’s suitable for all hair types, allowing you to get a variety of different looks once used including straightening and curling!

The way that it works is through the generation of 30 million+ negative ions which neutralize positive charge in your hair starting at the follicles which reaps frizz reduction along with more moisture for healthier hair.

What’s more, is that it seals in moisture by protecting cuticles from drying out thereby keeping it healthier overall.

When straightening or curling your hair will turn out shinier than ever before. The LCD screen displays the temperature from 250℉ to 450℉ with 10 adjustable settings.

The iron shuts off automatically after 60 minutes. A special design ensures that the handle is safe from burning.

For those who frequently travel abroad, this model offers a 100V—240V universal dual voltage, making it easy to operate wherever you go in the world.

The iron heats up quickly and maintains temperature for 30 seconds to ensure quick styling. Once you achieve the desired effect, set the appropriate heat setting so you can finish styling quickly and accurately on each strand of hair as opposed to having to redo your work over and over again.


  • Heat insulation design
  • 250℉ to 450℉
  • 10 adjustable temperatures
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Front end anti-scalding
  • 30s heat up
  • Variety of style with this iron
  • Lightweight
  • Good design
  • Twisted plates
  • Not durable

Awhoas Hair Straightener

Flat irons come in various shapes, sizes, and variations but they all have three main functions – curling, straightening, and combing.

Whether you are a salon professional or an individual, Awhoas professional flat iron allows you to achieve a beautiful hairstyle that you need for different occasions.

Remember that just as every variety of hair has its own best temperature for styling purposes so find what works best for your type of hair whether that’s using hot air cold air or steam, knowing this information will help make your overall experience better since the device can reach any designed temperature.

This hair straightener is made of ceramic plates is more useful than a normal hairdryer because it can make your hair look as healthy and shiny as possible.

You don’t even have to wait a long time for your hair to dry (which gives you less chance to make mistakes). Ceramic is also very durable, so the straightener will last you for a very long time.


  • LCD display
  • 300℉-450℉ temp
  • 30 sec heat uptime
  • Prevent finger burn
  • Multipurpose use
  • Good design
  • Lightweight
  • Different temp settings
  • Affordable
  • Reduce heat damage
  • Problem in handle

Buyers Guide


There are various materials that make up flat iron plates. Depending on your hair texture and the degree of straightness you’re hoping to achieve, you’ll want the right material for the job.

Ceramic plates help give your hair a healthy shine and distribute heat evenly, so these may be best for thick, coarse, or curly hair types.

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These plates are handy for styling shortcuts and if you’re looking to add much-needed variety to your normal routine.

Flat irons with titanium plates quickly and effectively heat the hair and can be used to hold the heat at a consistent temperature.

They are best for people with thick coarse hair. Flat irons with tourmaline plates help provide moisture to the hair strand, which in turn helps prevent damage.

Not only that but they distribute the heat evenly so as not to burn your strands instead of styling them and can be good for those who have thin or fine hair.

Heat Setting

A flat iron with adjustable heat settings gives you the freedom to adjust the temperature to your own hair strands’ ability to handle it without causing damage.

Type of Flat Iron

Multiple looks can be achieved with the help of your flat iron. Women who have long, straight hair love their versatile flat iron for a variety of reasons.

If you have thick hair, consider using rounded edges on your next purchase to create more wavy styles.

If you want versatility in styling your hair, cover the prongs with cling wrap before styling and then remove them after you are finished.

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Dual Voltage

When packing for your next overseas travel excursion, consider packing some dual voltage flat irons.

They will allow you to minimize the number of electrical devices you need to pack and since they are dual voltage, it reduces the number of travel adapters you might otherwise have to take with you.

Shut off Feature

Many flat irons come with different kinds of accessories to make them easier to use. For example, heat-resistant gloves are one kind of accessory that prevents the temperature from rising too high so you don’t burn yourself.

While looking for a flat iron, it’s best to get one that has an automatic shut-off feature, which helps prevent any fire hazards.

The auto shut-off feature is very convenient because it ensures you’ll never risk being burnt and actually stay more aware of your surroundings so you can ensure safety and don’t have to worry about anything crazy happening.

FAQs Related to the Best Flat Iron for Beach Waves

What size flat iron is best for waves?

There are two sizes of plates on a straightener: 1” and 1-½” and there’s debate about which is better. The ½” size provides a slightly wider option for styling that may be wanted by some people but one shouldn’t feel compelled if they’re happy with the original plate size they currently have because it’s likely to work just as well when used correctly and consistently applied.

Can you get beach waves with a flat iron?

To create slightly more defined beachy waves, try the twirl-and-pull method. For this, you need your flat iron ready!
Insert an inch wide section of hair between your flat iron clamps, and then turn it away from your face to make the first bend.
To get a consistent finish that requires less tweaking and fewer passes through the hair, use a flat iron with multiple heat settings.

Is it better to use a curling iron or flat iron for beach waves?

Mostly it depends on your hairstyle. A flat iron can create very romantic, natural-looking waves or curls, but you have to make sure that the surface of the irons is flat enough to pass through your hair easily.
On the other hand, curling irons are restricted by the length of a strand of hair & although they’re easy to use and give great curl formation, a lot of problems occur when one attempts to curl longer strands. It’s all fine if you already have shorter locks as many styles look great this way.


With summer already in full swing, we all have that one beach vacation and all the fun activities that come with it.

Out of the many different types of flat irons available on the market, finding the one that works best for your hair type can be quite a challenge.

The market is flooded with flat irons for different hair types. With so many options available how will you know that you’ll get the best flat iron for your hair type?

For this purpose, we have compiled a list of the best flat iron for beach waves and we come to know that TYMO Hair Curling Flat Iron is the best flat iron.

I hope after reading this article you will understand the best beachy wave flat iron.

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