How Hot Does a Hair Dryer Get?

A hairdryer is a slim and lightweight tool that is used worldwide to get the best look for your hair. If you decide to use their heat styling, you can expect thick, healthy-looking locks and fantastic volume. Of course, there is a downside – using these tools can lead to hair damage such as frizziness, dryness, and thinning.

Sometimes we get so caught up in looking our best that we don’t notice what damage hair styling products can do overtime. Therefore it’s important to be aware of the impact of heat on our hair.

When a hairdryer starts to overheat, we may need to replace it and buy a new one, but sometimes we simply have to take precautions when using that hairdryer such as not holding it extremely close to your scalp or running it for too long at once.

So how hot does a hairdryer get? So, let us discuss in this article the temperature at which our dryer spread a heat that is perfect for your hair.

The Average Temperature of Hairdryer

Hair dryers need to be able to operate within a temperature range of 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Different people have different needs for their hair, ranging from thin hair that requires less heat and cold drafts as opposed to thick and fine hair that prefers constant airflow.

The average temperature range of an electric hair dryer can be affected by many factors such as the age, brand and variety of the product, so it’s important for consumers using this product to be aware of what factors affect the machine from running normally.

For example, corroded motors may have an effect on heating capability since corrosion could negatively impact machine performance.

Maximum Temperature of a Hair Dryer

It may surprise you to learn that the highest temperature on record is 205 degrees Fahrenheit – that’s over half as hot as iron! But nowadays, many of the best hairdryers available on the market go way hotter than this and some are capable of reaching as much as 225 degrees. This is actually very dangerous and under no circumstances should you attempt to use such hair care equipment unless it specifically says it’s okay for you to do so.

Factors on which Temperature Depends

Brand & Model

Now, not all hair dryer brands are going to be equal. A hair dryer is an electric appliance that uses changeable settings in order for the device to operate at a certain temperature or height. Some machines may have different settings such as low, medium, and high heat settings.

These settings may change from brand to brand or model to model of brand too. For example, one brand may field a low temperature setting while another model has three settings: high, medium and low heat settings for those who need it.

Just like there are different temperatures for the desired result in other areas of the world too!CopySaveCreate more outputs

Power Rating

Hair dryers can have a broad range of power ratings; these are usually measured in watts. So, a low rating is 1875 watts, whereas a higher rated model could be an impressive 3450 watts. Generally speaking though, it’s thought that mid-range wattage makes for the better choice from an everyday salon and home use point of view. An 1875 watt hairdryer has been thought to be the ideal between grip, power, and comfort.

Old age blow dryer

A blow drier’s age is often a factor in how hot it gets. The heating element on blow dryers can burn out, which could change its overall performance and increase the amount of time it takes to style your hair. Also, blow dryer effectiveness will naturally degrade over time even if you’re using it regularly. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t worry about this as most brands come with warranties to cover the cost of repairing or replacing damaged units.

Room Temperature

The temperature of your surroundings affects how hot your hairdryer is. Hairdryers work by heating up the air around you which accelerates the rate at which water evaporates from your hair, allowing for fast hairdryer without damaging the cuticles of your hair.

Medical Condition

If you suffer from conditions like alopecia areata and albino pigmentation, be sure to consult with a doctor first before using any heated styling tools.

Hair is often more delicate with such medical conditions so it is most wise to stay away from these heat-generating appliances to avoid complications.

How To Reduce Heat Damage From A Hairdryer

While you can’t avoid all heat damage to your hair from a hairdryer, you can ensure to take certain steps to reduce the damage.

Average Heat Usage

When styling your hair, the best practice is to use a blow dryer on a low setting like at or under 410°F. If the heat setting is too high, the heat can cause the keratin in your hair to melt!

Not only reducing your fullness and making it difficult for water to absorb but also causing breakage and split ends.

It is important not to keep the heat close to your actual strands of hair for too long as this can cause serious damage as well.

Use A Heat Protectant

It’s best to keep your hair protected against damage. When styling it, use heat-protectant serum or spray before you begin to apply any heat products and solutions. These items do two things: they decrease how much damage the use of a hairdryer or curling tool may bring upon your hair and they provide nourishment that will help your locks look shiny, feel soft and be strong.

Hair Products

Avoid to Blow-Dry Dripping Wet Hair

If you use hot hair tools on wet hair, your hair is completely damage. Wet or damp hair is much more fragile than dry hair. Yes, we know hairdryers are meant for drying hair too, but if you use one right after stepping out of the shower, it can do considerable damage to your locks.The best way to dry your hair quickly is to wrap the towel around the length of its strands and let the water seep out first before using a hairdryer on medium heat with a heat protectant in place.

FAQs Related to How Hot Does a Hair Dryer Get?

Can I use my hair dryer if it got wet?

Generally, you should try not to take your hair dryer into the shower along with you if at all possible. Even though they are waterproof and have a great deal of protection they can’t stop water from getting into the motors insides. If this happens it’s best to just replace the item you can buy a new one fairly cheap now days.

Can a hairdryer be used as a heat gun?

However, they cannot be used interchangeably. A heat gun is meant for industrial uses, such as removing paint or bending plastics.
It cannot replace a hairdryer; it just isn’t strong enough to work on human hair.

Does wattage matter in hair dryers?

“The hotter and faster the blow-dryer,” says Urban. We think that’s clear enough. Both stylists recommend using dryers with at least 1800 to 1850 watts for the speediest results.


Heat damage from blow drying is a big problem for most of us. Therefore, if you wish to correct your styling techniques, protect your hair from heat damage,simply follow the instruction which we below describe. this post will show you how!

The best way to prevent your locks from damage and breakage is by giving your tresses the break they deserve and taking a break from the dryer every day but if you still need to use one daily – make sure you CHECK OUT THIS POST!

We hope you enjoyed this blog post about how hot does a hair dryer get. With this information, we hope that you can use it to be more informed about your hair dryer.

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