Easy and Quick Steps: How to Clean Flat Iron?

Flat irons are great for creating loose waves in your hair. When your hair heats up, it becomes malleable, for a bit of a time, so you can manipulate your hair into different wave patterns.

Flat Iron is so much in demand these days. Almost every girl wants to have one of these. However, not many know how to take care of them.

If not taken care of properly, these hair products can get damaged or can wear out. Cleaning your flat iron is a task that many people take for granted.

However, if it is not done properly, you can find that you have some serious issues with how it works. So, let us discuss How to clean flat iron.

Different ways to Clean Flat Iron

General Cleaning

Here, you’ll need a paper towel or damp cloth and an iron cleaner. First, plug the hair straightener in and turn the heat on to a low setting.

Let it rest for a few minutes to blow off any dust or dirt that may have accumulated, especially around the plates.

Then turn it off and unplug it to let it cool down completely (it should be all the way back at room temperature).

Once cooled, place your hair straightener on a flat surface heat-resistant work surface for about five minutes until you can handle it with your bare hands.

Next, take your damp rag or paper towel and wipe down the surface of your hot straightener before applying a little spray cleaner to give it a thorough deep clean.

Clean with Rubbing Alcohol and Cotton Ball

If you’re not quite sure what’s going on with your hair straightener, it may be time to perform a little cleaning. It’s simple to do this at home and can help prolong the life of your professional tool.

First, make sure that you let your flat iron completely cool down before getting started. Once cooled, take a cotton ball and dip it into rubbing alcohol.

Wipe the whole surface of the iron’s plate over the cloth. Don’t worry if the hot iron gets any liquid on it – just wipe all surfaces down and let it dry for about 30 minutes to ensure there’s no residue leftover from the rubbing alcohol on any surfaces.

You’ll know it’s dry when all traces of moisture are gone from where ever you wiped away tarnish or grime from the plate or removable plating (if covered).

After cleaning and drying thoroughly with a wet cloth or paper towels, switch your flat iron back on to heat up again at optimum temperature for styling purposes.

Use Nail Polish Remover for Cleaning

Here you will require cotton, nail polish remover, and warm water. Place a cotton ball onto each iron plate specifically.

Apply some nail polish remover to help assist in removing any buildups on the plates and hold the iron face down while applying pressure to remove this buildup, but ensure not to overheat it; simply use as much force as required as your experience will dictate more than ours.

Take a piece of clean cloth or paper towel and dip it into warm water – hot water may cause damage so try to avoid using it.

Repeat the above step again for all plates of your flat iron and let the flat iron dry completely before plugging it back in.

We hope that through this article we have been able to assist you in learning how to clean your hair straightener to achieve a longer lifespan.

Advanced Cleaning

An advanced method for cleaning the plates of your flat iron includes the use of a toothbrush or a magic eraser, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide (or baking soda), creams relaxer, and a moist cloth.

First, you’ll need to apply some cream relaxer directly to one of the straighteners’ plates. Next, dip the moist cloth into some baking soda or hydrogen peroxide and then rub it back and forth on another plate that has also been coated in some cream make relaxer.

Ensure that both components are combined evenly in order to achieve the best results before using them on your hair.

After ten minutes or so with this mixture, you should notice its effectiveness at making your flat iron shine like new again.

Use Warm Water

If you feel as if your flat iron isn’t working as well as it once did, or if you’ve had it a while and want to keep it in tip-top shape, here are a few tips on how to clean your straightener.

  1. First, dampen the cleaning cloth by spraying water into the cloth directly from a spray bottle.
  2. Then use minimal pressure to rub the plates of your flat iron with minimal pressure for about 5 seconds, until the surface feels slightly warm.
  3. Next, wipe off any debris with a microfiber towel, then let your tool dry for about an hour. Finally, you’re done.

How often do you Clean your Flat Iron?

To make sure your flat iron is straightening your hair evenly and at the proper temperature, you need to clean it out on a regular basis.

While this may sound obvious, the buildup of styling products that can be found in a flat top straightener can cause some serious damage to your locks Stylists to warn against cleaning it less than once per month if you’re constantly using heat on it and are acne-prone as well. On that note though if you don’t use that kind of product, you’ll be fine.

FAQs Related How to Clean Flat Iron?

How do you clean a hair straightener without rubbing alcohol?

​If you don’t use a lot of hair products and only occasionally use a home hair straightener, then you can get away with using only warm water when cleaning your plates.
Using a cloth dampened with warm water, wipe down the surface of the plates until they’re clean. Don’t use concentrated alcohol on it.

Can you clean a flat iron with hydrogen peroxide?

Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide together in a small bowl.
Put about a tablespoon-sized dollop on one side (but not the end) of your flat irons or curling iron making sure to keep the mixture away from any electrical parts!
Follow up by wiping it off with a clean cloth and be sure not to touch anything hot that might have been left behind.

Why does my flat iron make my hair smell burnt?

As we’ve stated before, burnt-smelling hair is often a result of heat damage.
Although using too much heat on your hair can be very damaging, at least you can learn how to keep it from happening in the first place by reducing the temperature of your hot tools as much as possible.


A flat iron is a very useful tool that can be used to straighten hair and give it a polished look.

However, it is also a very delicate tool that needs to be cared for to ensure that it lasts. If it is not cleaned properly, the flat iron could create residue and be looking dull.  

To clean the flat iron, we had given different methods. I hope after reading this article you will go through all the methods that are specifically written to clean the flat iron.

These methods are so simple and quick. They don’t need any expensive solutions or materials. You can easily do it while using household products. I hope that you will understand about How to clean flat iron.

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