Helpful Steps: How to Clean Revlon Hair Dryer Brush?

Revlon Hair Dryer has been in the market for more than 60 years and has been made by Kimberly-Clark since 2000.

While maintaining its integrity and performance, we continue to innovate the range to meet consumer needs. Revlon brushes are designed for a range of hair types, so you’re sure to find the right dryer for your hair.

Cleaning your Revlon hair dryer brush is a great way of cleaning your scalp and reducing dandruff. The hairdryer brush helps by drying and cleaning your scalp, stopping it from getting oily.

A hairdryer can help to reduce dandruff and unnecessary hair fall by cleaning out the scalp and helping it become stronger.

It is always a good idea to clean your hair dryer brush. So in this article we will tell you how to clean Revlon hair dryer brush is a vital part of making sure the dryer does not get clogged up with hair. So, let us discuss this in detail!

Steps of Cleaning Revlon Brush

The things that you need for cleaning Revlon brush:

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To avoid breakage in your hair, make sure you buy a good quality brush and comb, or even better is to get one with a detangling brush built-in.

Sometimes while brushing your hair, it may seem like some of the strands are stuck on the bristle despite using conditioner or having gently brushed out.

That’s when it’s useful to have some small scissors with you to help get rid of the hairs that are getting tangled up during your shower routine (brushing out wet hair can also cause breakage).


Well, we all have at least one old toothbrush that we don’t care about nowadays. That brush is going to be useful for a few things; one of which is cleaning out the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer.

This brush will not only bring the extra little hairs that were tangled in the dryer cleaner but also, it’ll get rid of all the makeup and gunk off the hairbrush!

We probably wouldn’t buy these brushes as toiletry items at a store now and especially not stick to one brand because other brands may have bristles that are too harsh on our skin.

But these extras often come in packs with different brush types for different needs, which could prove useful.

Detergent Bottle

Only water is not an option to wash away all the dirt it contains. In order to do so, you’re going to need soap or detergent; if you don’t happen to have either one of those things at that moment, however, baby shampoo can be used as a substitute.

Piece of Cloth

After you are done cleaning the hairdryer, wipe it down with a cloth or paper towel and make sure to get rid of all excess water.

If water happens to seep into the motor and isn’t removed, your device could become damaged so it’s important to consider this when removing excess water!

You also want to avoid getting suds into the motor or tubing because it will provide an ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow, which can cause bigger problems in the long run.

Start Cleaning the Brush

Prepare the Dryer and Cutting the Tangles Hairs in Brush

Starting the cleaning process for a hairdryer is of vital importance for both its performance ability and overall appearance.

The initial step to take is to prepare the dryer for cleaning. This means placing the device on a soft surface so as to protect it from marks or scratches.

Next, check that none of the tanks have leaks and unscrew any plastic caps where there might be screws or clips too that are holding it together.

After this is done remove all of the screws, thereby carefully taking them out as they might be under a lot of pressure, and begin disassembling its pieces like the heat guard, such as brushes, screen, and switches, etc.

If you want to get started with the cleaning process, you should first cut the brush’s hairs. The hair is what makes the dryer attract so much dirt.

It makes it look awful and also makes it harder than necessary for the dryer to do its job as effectively as possible.

Hair can also collect too much dust if you let it go for too long and it all ends up sitting on your head and looking terrible – that’s why it needs to be cleaned periodically.

You can clean your brush by cutting or pulling off hairs without having to use your bare hands (which would just add more hair back into the brush).

Remove the Dirt  

The mixture of spring water and laundry detergent may seem like a bit of overkill, but let’s be honest, we can’t help it. Who wants to spend their days smelling like yesterday’s clothes?

The real secret is really in how you wash the brush, not what you use. For this reason, we recommend using the toothbrush first – it is important to rub down each side of the brush with precision and attention to detail otherwise you might miss something.

Once that is finished, turn your hairdryer on its lowest setting (of course) and begin to “blow” with care on every angle of the brush.

The dryer will be able to reach areas that a regular brush could never get to. We repeat make sure when examining each area of your blow dryer that nothing is left behind. It’s best if you leave a full 24 hours between cleanings so as not to interfere with daily use.

Rinse the Dryer

When you’re clearing dust off a dryer, you will see it when all the dirt comes off. This is only when you should use a brush to wash and get rid of it.

Simply wash the dryer’s brush with clean water, making sure to only apply on the top part of the device in order to avoid getting any water onto the midsection or bottom.

In the middle area, there is an electrical motor that can get damaged if touched by water so it’s imperative not to apply water on that portion of your device.

If you’re just using a wet tissue or paper towel to clean the dust off of your dryer, then cleaning that part doesn’t matter much as long as you do it after seeing all the dirt come off from that section similar to how one would wait until the knife was clean from grease before washing it off with soap and hot water after cutting meat, etc.

FAQs Related How to Clean Revlon Hair Dryer Brush?

Why does my Revlon brush smell like it’s burning?

To fix this problem, remove the lint trap and clean it with a toothbrush or something else that is soft, like a pastry brush.
Be careful not to break it off because of the dampness in there. If your dryer still smells bad after scrubbing, go ahead and take the top off and run it again quickly to be extra safe before drying your clothes as usual.

How hot does the Revlon dryer brush get?

To give you an idea of just how hot this hairdryer gets, we placed a heat sensor among the bristles (where your hair rests as you’re using the dryer) and found that it ranged in temperature between 165°F and 175°F.

Does a hot brush damage hair?

A hot brush provides less damage to hairs and is much faster compared to a traditional straightener when used with mostly dry hair.
However, use the hot brush only if you already have dry or slightly damp hair, because this tool only generates heat and there’s no mechanism for adding moisture to your hair like a diffuser found on other styling tools.
It’s also worthwhile to invest in a heat protection spray before using any heat styling tools, including a hairdryer.


Hairdryer brushes are a must-have for anyone who likes to have their hair looking more beautiful and shinier.

They help in drying the hair in a faster way and at the same time smoothen the hair to make it look more beautiful and glossier.

In order to get the most from these brushes, it is important to keep them clean. The Revlon hair dryer brush is a very popular hair dryer brush.

Many people love how it effectively and quickly dries their hair. However, if you do not clean this hair dryer brush it can get clogged with hair and become almost unusable.

However, many customers cannot clean Revlon hair dryer brush because they don’t know how to clean them.

In this blog, we had discussed the things that you need for cleaning and tell all the steps regarding cleaning.

I hope after reading this article you can easily understand how to clean Revlon hair dryer brush.

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