How to make Soft Waves with Flat Iron?

Flat irons are a popular hair styling tool that is one of the fastest-growing hair styling tools in the world.

Keeping your flat iron in good shape and in top-notch function is essential to making sure that your hair looks fantastic.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your flat iron is in the best shape possible. When it comes to using a flat iron, most people assume that the best flat iron is the most expensive one.

You can not only straighten your hair with a flat iron but you can also do curls or make beachy waves with a flat iron. It is a multipurpose tool that helps to style our hair.

So, let us discuss in this article how to make soft waves with flat iron.

Steps to make Soft Waves

Prepare your Hairs

To start with clean and dry hair, use a shampoo to eliminate all the products that have been recently used on your hair and scalp before applying the small amount of mousse which will be required for creating volume and lift.

Secondly, if you happen to have one of those magical wet-to-dry hair straighteners, it’s best to create big curls using dry hair.

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If not, be sure not to get your locks while detangling or untangling your long and short hair fibers so as to avoid causing them any extra damage despite the fact that you might experience slight stress due to this special technique being unfamiliar.

Dirty or greasy hair can lead to flatness even when curled because dirt ground into the texture tends to make the texture look duller instead of shinier.

Use Flat Iron

If a hot iron is the best choice to form the waves in your hair, which it often is, then it is advised to use one that has an average width of about 1 to 2 inches.

It will be easy for you to position correctly and curls will remain even, but not too straight. You may also want to check that your model has ridges on the inside of the plates that act as guides for better control when curling.

Make sure you have a good quality flat iron. They can have a big impact on things like shine and the consistency of beachy waves. Heat your flat iron up to the minimum temperature necessary for your hair type.

For example, fine and thin hair should be heated up to 300 degrees. Normal hair can be heated up to 380 degrees if it tends to be thick, coarse, or frizzy.

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Use a Heat Protectant

Applying a heat protectant or thermal spray liberates the hair from harm. This means the appearance of the hair will be less frizzed and damaged by the time it’s ready for out-of-bed styling.

The trick with this is to avoid combing before thermal application. Otherwise, it’ll just break up already existing tangles on your head and create more damage as opposed to stopping it.

We recommend spraying all over and reaching each section individually, rather than just spraying on top as it won’t reach as far down.

Always make sure to comb out any tangles in your hair to avoid any physical damage while waiting if you choose to not brush at that moment.

Start Curling to make Beachy Waves

The thicker your hair is, the more sections you’ll need to do in order to create the swirls or curl patterns of your waves.

Once you have finished doing one layer of curls starting at the bottom of your scalp close to your ears and neck, you will want to start working on another layer going up above that first layer.

After this second section is curled, you’ll be left with a considerable amount of loose hair. In order to properly finish off the style, it’s best to pin up these uncurable strands in a neat pile on top of your head until they are ready to be curled as well.

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Use Different Ways

When you’re rotating your flat iron, go with a full rotation and not just one of those half-rotations because let’s are honest – none of us are perfect.

It’s best not to overthink these things too much and to just allow the curls to come naturally. If you happen to accidentally wind up creating curls in different directions, this might reveal itself in time but it’s truly nothing to stress over – at the end of the day, focus on confidence as opposed to perfection!

Alternatively, if only for a change in pace since most of us don’t rotate our flat irons enough and wind up making the same kind of curls each time, alternating directions is fine too.

Finish Look

When you’re finished curling your hair, you can decide to leave it be and have a fun, tousled look. Run your fingers through your hair while adding some volume.

Add an additional touch by spritzing in some texture spray to get the messy layered look without too much fuss.

FAQs Related How to make Soft Waves with Flat Iron?

Can you wave hair with a flat iron?

when using a flat iron, one must rely on an understanding of the physics behind curling the hair.
Although it can be easy to perfect with practice and repetition, there are two ways to help achieve quality results in the process.
The first way is by holding down one inch worth of hair and then adding pressure from both ends as you glide the flat iron from root to tip or vice versa depending on your desired style.
This type of movement is however only minimally effective at best because it forces hair into the shape of something that doesn’t match that which comes naturally and will not stay “straightened” for very long due to internal tension created when “bending” strands against their natural shape.

Why does my hair not curl with a straightener?

When curling hair for a special event, it’s vital to ensure your locks aren’t still wet!
Damp hair won’t hold its curled shape as well and will eventually crumble. To avoid this, carefully run a blow-dryer on high until the hairs are bone dry before you begin to curl.


Using a flat iron on your hair is now a part of everyday life. Not just women but men are using flat irons to give their hair a modern and funky look.

The flat iron is available in different sizes and different shapes. The flat iron is one of the most important and basic tools that you can use on your hair.

Flat iron creates styles on hairs that have been popular for many years. Having hair that is straight has always been in style, but the flat iron is a tool that will make your hairs curl and style them into beachy waves so that you enjoy your beach party with a great look.

You need to have a flat iron that has a few different settings. These settings will help you to make the waves you want.

A flat iron with an adjustable temperature is the best type of tool to use. I hope after reading all the steps you can easily do curls in your hair and make it beachy waves. This article guides you best regarding how to make soft waves with flat iron.

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