Step by Step Guide: How to Straighten Hair with Blow Dryer?

With the advancement in technology, you can do everything in a short period. It is also true when it comes to straightening hair with a blow dryer.

When you are in a hurry and need to straighten your hair, you reach out for the blow dryer. Arranging your hair in the morning is going to be an easy task if you are able to use a blow dryer on your hair.

There are many people who are not able to straighten their hair in an easy manner that’s why they use a blow dryer to straighten their hair.

It comes in different types, sizes, and shapes and you can easily straighten your hair with them. This blog is written to let you know how to straighten hair with blow dryer.

Steps of Straighten Hairs

Check your Hair Type

Before starting to blow dry your hair straight, you need to know the kind of curliness or thickness of your hair.

Knowing the kind of hair texture, you have and what works for it will help you blow-dry your hair straighter and more predictably.

Blow drying naturally curly hair will require different techniques than blow-drying straightening a head that is already pretty smooth.

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Take a Perfect Brush

Using a comfortable brush while blow-drying your hair can help you keep a firm grip while styling your mane.

Having the right brush can make styling easier and it may even decrease blow drying time! Brushing tresses with the outward motion of the brush allows for smoother and more even straightening.

In addition, choosing a brush that is made of boar bristles is best for people who want extremely silky-smooth locks.

Prepare your Hairs

Prepare your hair for the blowout by taking a shower. When blow-drying, it is best to use a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for the treatment of frizzy and dry hair in order to avoid more damage.

If you are trying to achieve volume, use a little mousse to give the hair more bounce. After getting out of the shower, remove excess water with an old t-shirt or towel; but be careful not to rub your hair, as this will lead to frizziness and manageability.

Instead, gently squeeze your locks of hair without tugging at them. Use heat protectant products to your hair to avoid getting fried and damaged. Those products protect the hair from heat. This is an important step to never skip.

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Section the Hairs and Set Blow Dyer

Now, you can begin with a small section of hair to straighten. Keep the rest of your hair clamped as this is going to help keep the heat and product in longer.

Additionally, it prevents you from burning your head while you work. Set the blow dryer to a high temperature and set the airflow to be fast.

The best way to get your blow dryer is by using both of these things together at the same time.

The one thing you can do to straighten out your hair is to use a brush and pull through it slowly while facing downwards, while also moving your brush or the dryer in sync with each other in order to create tension between them and straighten out your hair.

Now you have to attach the nozzle to the blow-dryer and then lay your hairbrush flat against your hair and begin to brush from the roots to the tips.

Take a small section of your hair and place it on top of your hairbrush, then move your brush slowly down with the blow dryer.

In that time, do a little bit of round brushing so that you finish with sleek strands without adding frizz.

When blow-drying your hair, always start with the bottom – if you work in the upward direction, there is a greater chance that your heat settings get too hot too quickly and end up damaging your hair.

Beginning at the bottom of your strands allows you to distribute the heat more evenly along each strand to ensure that they aren’t all exposed to too much heat at once, ending up looking and feeling ruined after only a few uses.

Finishing Look to your Hairs

First, you decide on the hairstyle you’d like to have. Once you have that taken care of, there are a few steps to follow to ensure your hairstyle stays in place throughout the day.

Hit ‘cool’ and gently flow your dryer through the lengths of your hair with a circular motion as you air-dry it so you can rest easy knowing it will last.

Hair has natural oils in it, which over time build up, making it feel heavy and look dull. Others may recommend using more heat or tighter attachment combs to achieve this look but those methods may lead to unnecessary damage.

Using these methods frequently over time could cause hair breakage or balding discolorations so make sure not to overdo it. The best way to keep your healthy locks looking gorgeous all day long is by applying some light oil.

Tips while Straightening your Hair

Don’t try to save money on an essential tool such as a hairdryer, as it’s a product you’ll be using every single day.

Less expensive models can have a negative impact on your hair because they could have adverse health effects or not keep your strands properly styled for very long at all.

You can get good prices by doing price comparisons online, or finding discounted options during back-to-school sales, but although you may find bargains, those are only short-term solutions.

If you value your long-term health and quality of style above all else, go ahead and invest in a more expensive option that will save you money on costly haircuts down the road because they won’t need as much maintenance.

FAQs Related How to Straighten Hair with Blow Dryer?

Is it better to blow dry hair before straightening?

All people with hair that still has moisture in it from the shower should blow-dry their hair after washing.
People with naturally straight or wavy hair can simply air dry and style as usual, but people with curly hair should use a boar bristle brush to take out tangles first before proceeding to blow-drying.

Why is my hair frizzy after blow-dry?

When blow-drying hair, it is important to remember that moisture trapped inside the head of the hair can cause frizz, particularly at high temperatures.
If the hair is wet and exposed to high heat levels it can turn into an unmanageable mess and become so dry that all potential shine will be lost.
To prevent this from happening make sure you don’t skip the step where you brush out your wet hair before blow-drying.
We also advise using professional products to help control frizz such as styling creams or serums. Consider using special oil treatment for healthy-looking, shiny locks.

Is a blow dryer or straightener worse for your hair?

Blow drying is less harmful than flat ironing your hair because heat from a dryer is always moving and thus it doesn’t leave a single portion of your hair exposed to the same amount of heat over and over again.
The best way to avoid damaging your hair is to first use a blow dryer and then follow with either a flat iron or curling iron.


With summer around the corner, many women are considering getting their hair straightened. Many of us have frizzy hair and we have tried everything to tame that hair.

There are many steps you can take to straighten your hair that doesn’t involve heat. The most effective way to straighten the hair is to use heat, but this comes with a potential risk.

Straightening our hair with a blow dryer may sound odd, but it is possible. We will go through the process of straightening hair with a blow dryer.

In this blog all the steps have been discussed that can help you to easily straighten your hair in a good manner.

I hope after reading this article you will understand how to straighten hair with blow dryer.

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