How to Style Bangs with Flat Iron?

Bangs are a very popular and trendy style hair cut these days. Some people say that bangs make you look younger, more beautiful.

Bangs can soften up your face, and make you look more feminine. The good news is that bangs are very easy to maintain.

Getting your hair styled by a professional isn’t the most affordable thing to do. However, you can still get sleek, beautiful hair on your own.

All you need is the right tools. As long as you have a good flat iron and some good hair products, you will look fabulous with bangs. So, let us discuss in this article how to style bangs with flat iron.

Types of Bangs with Style

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a very easy type of bangs to wear with your hair. It’s also casual and informal compared to other styles, which is why it’s number one to many women, who want a style that makes them look good but not too dressy or formal.

You can style curtain bangs by getting a regular part on the side of your hair. Then blow-dry the sides of your bang into place with some gentle tousling.

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Curtain bangs work well with any length when you’re styling, and they are great if you like a thicker fringe that covers your eyes.

Ponytail with Bangs

Create a sweet, sassy look by styling your curtain bangs with a perky ponytail. This is an excellent style for day two or three hair when you can use some dry shampoo for added texture.

You can do this with straightened hair or curl it first either will work. Rake your hair back into a high pony with your fingers, and secure it with a hair tie.

Separate the bangs and brush them out to one side, sweeping them down over one eye frame like you would with bangs at the front of your head. If you’re going for a sleek, smooth look this holiday season, you might as well make the most of it.

One way to do so is by snipping off sections of hair that are sticking out from beneath your knit hat and compacting them into a ponytail at the crown of your head.

After securing with an elastic band, throw stray hairs back into place with the assistance of a hairpin. Try using bobby pins in lieu of pins.

Secure just one or two strands depending upon how you want to frame your face and also have some extra decorations lying around to help glam up your mane too.

Fringe with Side Bun

When we looked at the top hairstyles of the ’90s, we decided to create a throwback hairstyle.

  • Our first step was creating two side buns from what we would call space buns as they look like Princess Leia’s iconic hairstyle. Create space buns by straightening your hair with your flat iron.
  • While you complete this process, in our next steps you will want to create pigtails upon pigtails, which are simply ponytails a top other ponytails with elastic bands that hold them together.
  • Then, create a bun for each one of your pigtailed styles with hair ties and twist each ponytail around itself like braids to form this style.
  • Once you have created all of these side buns, run your fingers through every inch of your head to get it as smooth as possible as images may not be very clear in terms of how this is completed in reality.

Styling Bangs with Flat Iron

Wash the Bangs

Bangs feel heavy soon after washing and they tend to get greasy quickly. It’s easy to wash them at least once a day to keep them looking fresh; if you have time, go for it as much as three times, Or try a light touch with some dry shampoo before you start styling for a quick solution to oily bangs.

Use the right products

Bangs tend to get a lot of attention. But if you want them to be noticed for the right reasons, then you’re going to have to put in just a little work.

  • The first step is really deciding how much maintenance you can handle on a daily basis: bangs fall into two categories, fringe, and cowlick – both of which demand different approaches.
  • For more recalcitrant fringes, consider using a styling cream. If keeping your hair from revealing bits of your forehead drives you crazy, perhaps thickening with gel or moose will send it back behind your ears where it belongs.
  • When applying any product to your bangs, remember that less is best – as too much will leave them looking greasy instead of perfectly styled without fail.

Blow Dry Hairs

As soon as you step out of that shower, dry your hair with a blow dryer. Do this while your locks are still slightly damp from your shower so that they grow with bounce and volume.

The moment your hair starts to air dry, the natural moisture evaporates, leaving a flattering look. This is a look that may not work well for you.

The sooner you start styling, the better because there’s no time like the present. For this technique, you’ll need a round bristle brush and a blow dryer with a nozzle attached.

Place the nozzle at your hairline directly above your eye and use a straightening brush to hold off any cowlicks in your bangs while blowing hot air over them.

Now simply use the cooling hair to push them back and down until they are completely dry. While the main reason to part our hair is that it was one of the most popular hairstyles of all time, partings have recently made their way into contemporary hairstyles as well, thus asserting themselves as an important styling element.

Flat iron your Bangs

Use the flat-iron method for a smooth finish on bangs. First, make sure that you are using a half-inch flat iron that is able to reach all the way up to your hairline.

Add some curls to side-swept bangs by curling them with a flat iron that has a slight curve. Before you begin, make sure your hair is washed and that it is not too wet or dry; somewhere in the middle will produce good results when blow-drying your tresses.

Give yourself enough space on your table to comfortably move around so you can create proper tension with the weight of your arms on either side of where you are working.

If you want more volume in your hair at this point, get those round brush pieces ready because once you have dried all of your hair with the flat iron, it’s time for volumizing. To do this, use curling brushes to add curls where desired or needed.

FAQs Related How to Style Bangs with Flat Iron?

How do you get used to bangs?

“Daviero recommends blow-drying freshly-cut bangs and using a brush comb.
Always start with blow-drying the bangs downward towards your roots, so the hair is laying smooth against your forehead. Then run a brush through the top layers in left to right motions, from front to side.”

How long should Bangs be cut?

If this is the look you want, start with about two to three inches of hair behind your ear.
Separate your hair into sections. Softly back brush the section closest to your face to remove any built-up tangles and then bend your head forward slightly so that tangles can fall out without breaking or pulling on curls.
Insert a regular bobby pin where your head bends over at the back of your head and leave some hair loose on each side to provide awesome volume.
Use irons to style ends under, but do not use anything too hot as it will damage subcutaneous tissue and permanently change the suspension capabilities of the scale layers at the end of each strand which when damaged can never (permanently) be repaired.

Are bangs common for 2021?

Bangs are quite the trend right now. They aren’t a commitment as they can be maintained at home, and there is a great variety of bangs to choose from including curtains and side-swept just to name a couple.


Bangs make a major statement on your face, adding dramatic styling and a whole new look. Bangs can be cut or styled in many different ways to fit your own style.

If you have long, thick hair and love to have styled hair then you must have to have a flat iron at home. Styling your bangs with a flat iron is the easiest and quickest way to style your hair.

Bangs are a type of hairstyle usually worn by women that cover part or all of the forehead. Bangs are seen in all cultural, ethnic, and social groups.

Girls can wear bangs to enhance or complement their facial features. Flat irons can be used to easily create hairstyles on bangs and remove those knots from your hair. I hope that you will understand how to style bangs with flat iron.

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