Beginner’s Guide: How to use Curling Iron?

Curling irons have been around for a long time. They were first invented in the early 1900s and have been used ever since.

Women use them to curl their hair and men use them to keep their hair in place. You can use them on long hair or short hair.

Curling irons are the strongest, the longest, and the most difficult to use tools in the hair care set. Curling irons are used to create several different types of curls.

However, none of this is possible without knowing how to effectively use the tool. In this article, you will learn how to use curling iron.

Steps of using a Curling Iron

  • Heat up the curling iron. For fine hair, start with a temperature of 320 degrees F and for thicker hair start around 430 degrees F. Adjust to find out what works best for you. You don’t want to use too high of a temperature because this will damage your hair more than necessary while giving you a less consistent look that’s also not as good in the long run either.

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  • Brush your hair thoroughly. A brush is necessary to get rid of any tangles that a cupboard might have missed. Make sure there are no wet spots or water left on your tresses. Blow-dry them until they are completely dry otherwise the iron won’t be able to do its job properly. Apply heat protectant spray to your locks before you set them on fire using hot tools: Whether it’s the iron or curling tongs, these handy devices will ruin your hair if you don’t use something to shield it from becoming brittle and damaged by too much heat.
  • For any hair type, separate your hair into sections. Doing this ensures that the curls are more uniform and don’t overlap each other to make an ugly pile of hair. Make sure the sections are about 2–3 inches (5.1–7.6 cm) wide and there should be about three-four sections from the bottom to the crown of your head. To easily separate your hair into layers with clips, brush out your natural curls first since they’ll mold best as they become loose while you’re twisting/curling other strands – if you curl them from a straight state by taking small amounts at a time in one go, however well up manage it – but frizzy curly hair might not want to cooperate.
  • Working in sections, you can curl your hair. Use a wand to create beautiful beachy waves like those seen on Victoria’s Secret models. Hold the edge of the section of hair next to the barrel and make sure it doesn’t overlap with the rest of the hair being curled. Fingers work best here because they have heat-sensitive nerve endings which pick up changes in temperature better than a clamp would. Alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise curls as this boosts volume while ensuring a high-quality result. The more layers you use in your hair, the more natural your hairstyle will look.
  • Pin up curls quickly. Grab the bottom of the curl, compressing it while following a clockwise circular motion to create a perfect curl. Use a bobby pin or similar hair clip to secure the circle of hair to your head. Continue until your hair is pinned up. Once curls no longer feel hot and only slightly warm (about 3-4 minutes depending on how long your hair is and how hot you decided to set the heat tool), remove clips/pins. Shake out curls and correct any wayward locks by running fingers through them.

Bottom to Down Curling Method

  • In order to create curls, grab a section of hair that you would like to curl. For tighter curls, grab smaller sections and for less tight curls take bigger sections. The important thing to keep in mind is the direction in which you are curling your hair with your iron.
  • If you’re looking at it from a side profile perspective, then twist the iron towards you–or counterclockwise–if you feel it’s more comfortable or easier for you to manage when curling. With this done, clamp it shut while holding stretched hair within its grip and then open the curling iron so that your hair is released and moves into place before clamping shut once again.
  • Make sure however that not all of your hair gets pinched or stuck at one point between the clip and the opening. Curl away from the face; angling your curling iron will make your hair easier to manipulate into place as well as prevent it from sticking too far out from the rest of your head upon completion.
  • Curl your hair by holding the tip of your sectioned hair against the barrel of your curling iron. Hold it underneath for approximately 10 seconds and then carefully slide the clamp off, releasing your hair in a controlled fashion. If there are any kinks in your curls, go back and continue to curl that piece until you’re happy with its appearance. Be sure not to touch the iron to any part of the skin while doing so as burns can happen very quickly this way!
  • Repeat this process on all other sections of hair until no more are remaining and you have totally gorgeous curls! In order to keep these great curls looking fabulous for longer, give them a few spritzes of hairspray – which is just going to help keep everything in place nicely.

Frequently Asked Questions Related How to use Curling Iron?

Should I wet my hair before using a curling iron?

Curling irons are hot, yes, but they’re meant to make hair look fabulous. Before you curl your hair with one, make sure that the strands have been completely dried out.
In fact, if your hair is too wet or even a slight bit damp, it could get damaged by all that heat!
Make sure you read the instructions before heating up those curls. They come in handy BIG TIME when doing anything with your hair and could save you from some bad styling moments.

What temperature is 20 on a curling iron?

Medium-high temperature settings, 9 to 14 work best for average or normal hair.
The highest medium hair setting, 15 to 20 can be good for thick or wavy hair.
The highest high-temperature settings, 21 and up are great for hard-to-curl hair types and when you’re putting a lot of product in your hair products like pomade or gel.

What do you put in your hair before a curling iron?

Before you begin styling your hair with too much heat, be sure to prep it with an anti-frizz serum and a product that offers the desired style like curls, waves, or straightening.
Then to keep it in place and add shine apply a flexible hold hairspray at the finish.


The curling iron is a hairstyling tool primarily used to give hair curls. Curling irons are used to create different kinds of hairstyles.

If you want to make the most out of your hair, use the right curling iron. Curling irons are designed to help you achieve that perfect curl.

Curl size, shape, and texture depend on how you use the curling iron. With the trend of using loose curls and waves as well as the growing popularity of using curling irons to create gorgeous curls, it becomes really important to know how to use iron properly.

In these steps, we had discussed the step-by-step guide which explained the proper use of curling iron. I hope after reading this article how to use curling iron.  

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