Ultimate Guide: How to use Three-Barrel Curling Iron?

A great-looking hair can make you look fresh, more youthful, and put together. If you’re searching for a new curling iron to give your locks that great look, you should take a look at the three-barrel curling iron.

Widely used because of the quality it gives, this curling iron lets you use a variety of curls and styles, making you look great and feel great.

You can get a three-barrel curling iron from any store that carries beauty products. After buying we must know how to use it and their use depends upon the thickness of your hairs.

So that’s why we have written a guide for you about how to use three-barrel curling iron. So, let us discuss the proper use of three-barrel curling iron.

Steps to use a Three-Barrel Curling Iron

Even if you already have a three-barrel curling iron, there are some things you need to know before attempting to use it.

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It’s somewhat similar to a regular curling iron so it’s easy to figure out the functionality of your new tool but there are still some things that need to be taken into consideration or else you might be in for some trouble.

Here are some simple steps to follow:

Prepare your Hairs

To preserve your hair’s natural moisture, wash it the evening before so that you can give your hair time to air dry (at least partially) while you sleep.

You’ll also want to avoid using a blow dryer in a non-heat setting; instead, let your hair air dry as much as possible.

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To reduce damage caused by excessive heat (whether from heat styling or sun exposure), spray in a heat protection product prior to styling – this will help keep your hair resistant to future damage.

If also using styling products like serums and/or creams, be sure to apply them lightly – more isn’t always more!

Finally, if you’re interested in enhancing natural curls without resorting to using straightening tools such as flat irons or curling irons, consider using a curling cream or gel rather than chemical-based conventional gels, mousses, or lotions that can leave behind an unwanted residue and weigh down the hair even further (which is counterproductive for anyone looking for smoother curls).

Divide Hairs into Sections

It’s easier to style hair in smaller sections, so keep it this way in mind when doing your hair. Every morning you can put your hair on top of your head and secure the top half with a ponytail or large clip.

From here, divide your hair into 1-inch sections. Place the rest of your hair out of the way and now focus on a specific 1-inch section.

Make sure that every tool you’re using is properly prepared before using it as if part of your preparation routine before styling your hair.

Keep all tools close at hand while working on each 1-inch section to minimize the distance you have to travel to grab what you need next.

Clamp it and Hold Firmly

To give yourself curl you have to clamp your curling wand at the top of the part in your hair that you want to curl from (stay close enough to the roots without burning your scalp and high enough to create a curl but not touching the roots) and then hold it there for 4 to 5 seconds and let it cool down.

Make sure that when you move along this same section of hair you let go of the wand immediately after letting go of it so as not to burn your scalp but rather create a wave.

Move from Bottom and then Move Upward

After styling one section of your hair at a time, simply take the previous section and put it over your shoulder out of the way.

Then take the next section and style accordingly, moving down to the remainder of the hair. Make sure you don’t clamp on a hair tie or clip-on newly styled hair if you do not want to crimp it.

Once finished with one side, gently remove the clip held in place by your styled hair from the opposite side. Carefully curl each half of that strand before continuing to curl sections underneath it as well.

Finishing Look

If you want to spray your hair, you have to be careful. This is due to the fact that the spray can produce a buildup on top of your hair if not used properly.

You do not want this buildup to occur because it would weigh down your hair and also leave residue in your hair.

For a more natural look, run your fingers through your hair lightly after spraying it so that it looks less stiff and will allow for some movement once gravity takes place over time.

The product is just used for holding the curls in place until they can be set naturally by natural weight loss when gravity sets in and allows them to settle over time.

FAQs Related How to use Three-Barrel Curling Iron?

What Does a Triple-Barrel Curling Iron Do?

“Triple-barrel curling irons are ideal for getting large, loose curls that can otherwise be hard to achieve with a regular curling iron or wand,” says Kimble.
“These machines allow you to create larger curls without spending as much time doing your hair.”
If you’re someone who impatiently struggles with the consistency of standard curling irons/wands, working with a triple-barrel can dramatically streamline the delivery of your desired hair looks.

What size curling iron should I use for beach waves?

If you’re looking for beachy, natural-looking curls that linger just at shoulder length but aren’t a blunt bob, the Babyliss 1-Inch Curling Iron is the size to use.

Can curling irons cause hair loss?

We all use hot styling tools on a daily basis. They help us style our hair and often get used to the same hair days and days in a row.
On rare occasions, we forget to let our hair rest where it is curly or wavy but prefer instead to have another wave or curl with heated styling tools for another day.
What we don’t understand is how doing this means that our hair falls out and how does it happen so quickly? We should be using heat-protectant products then.


Beauty is an essential part of everyone’s life. No matter who you are, there is always something that you want to change about yourself.

The simplest way to change something about yourself is with your appearance. The best way to do that is by using the right products for your skin and hair.

If you want to look your hair stylish and special, then create a beachy wave look on your hair by using a three-barrel curling iron.

We had discussed all the steps regarding the use of this curling iron. I hope after reading this guide, you will surely understand how to use three-barrel curling iron.

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