What Size Air Fryer do I Need?

Air fryers may be the new thing in the kitchen; we’ve seen them in tons of commercials with busy moms and bachelors alike swearing by how good food tastes when it’s cooked in one of these things.

Air fryers are one of the most popular kitchen appliances on the market right now especially with the increasing popularity of healthy eating.

They are a great way of cooking food without the need for any extra oils. However, there are so many different models available it can be difficult to know which one to buy.

There are multiple factors to consider before you can decide which is right for you and if you even need one at all. This blog will look at what size air fryer do I need.

What is an Air Fryer?

Air fryers are all the rage right now because of what they are capable of. The best part is that they don’t necessarily have to be used for frying.

They are truly ovens that have been pushed to the level where they are able to cook food without necessarily having any oil in it.

With this being said, if you’re looking for something healthy to use your new air fryer with, there are plenty of great recipes out there on how you can bake whatever your heart desires so long as it’s not extremely wet of course.

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Different Types of Air Fryer

Small Air Fryer

Smaller air fryers – something closer to the 1-2 quart range – are best for cooking up just 2 chicken or just a couple of potatoes at once.

For single users, it is enough room to fit one chicken breast on one side and maybe some fries on the other side if desired. When you need snacks, these fryers can make enough for two people.

Small-sized air fryers are often available in the 2-3QT range. This usually means that there is enough space for 4 or 6 chicken wings to be cooked inside or possibly even 7 if the air fryer is particularly large.

However, I would say that a smaller than average 3 QT Whirlpool should be considered as it will offer more comfort and convenience than an extremely large and spacious air fryer that would otherwise take up all of your countertops.

It should also be noted that a larger capacity air fryer takes longer to preheat so this could be important to those who plan on using their air fryer quite regularly.

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Medium Sized Air Fryer

There are various air fryers that are capable of fitting different families, while others may be better suited for your specific tastes.

For instance, if you live alone, it may be beneficial to purchase an air fryer that is smaller in nature because it will enable you to cook for yourself with ease and avoid cluttering up your countertop or cupboards.

However, if you primarily use the air fryer primarily during meal times with close family and friends, then a larger gadget like a 5-quart air fryer may be suitable as it can fit more.

  • Remember: bigger does not always mean better. That’s why we recommend selecting an air fryer that fits both your needs and lifestyle.

3.0 – 5.0 quart is the most common size for these appliances, and it makes sense. At 3.0 – 5.0 quarts, an air fryer is most suitable for small families of three to five people since the appliance provides enough space to cook a variety of foods including larger ones.

The medium-large compartment means there’s more room for experimenting with a greater variety of food choices too.

It’s also big enough to cook two things at once, which can be really convenient when cooking for a whole family or having guests over.

The ideal air fryer capacity is from 5 to 6 quarts, this allows for ample room to cook enough food to feed a family of five, two trays can be placed in the machine at once without any trouble.

Later you could choose to add different ingredients such as French fries or nuts during your cooking process which means you won’t have to go through the hassle of changing the configuration every time.

Large Size Air Fryer

Air fryers above 6 quarts tend to be spacious. A lot of these brands often have enough space to host two pans and up to three grill racks.

Air fryers with an extra room can handle multiple dishes, making them ideal for serving large numbers of people or simply making dinner prep easier by simultaneously cooking several dishes at once.

6.0 – 10.0 Quart air fryers are large and can be used to cook larger meals for a family unit of four or more people, as well as pizzas and turkeys.

They are also great for making regular desserts because of their spacious chamber. You could dehydrate foods using an air fryer with a tray attachment if you wanted to make your own dried fruit or jerkies from different meats.

16 Quart air fryers are large enough for families that entertain often or hold barbecues in the backyard during summer, but they could be tricky when it comes to conserving space in small homes since they’re somewhat large in size compared to the average home kitchen appliance.

How are Air Fryers Sized?

Air fryer models will provide you with the volume capacity to handle either a fixed amount of food or a range. You can expect them to be able to hold between .5 quarts and 13 pounds of food.

The one thing most people don’t realize about air fryers is that their capacity is not a hard cap, which means it’s possible for whatever reason for more product to fit in there.

If you try adding too much food, however, most air fryers will let you know by making some kind of audible sound or flashing warning light.

It’s important to remember that different foods are going to take up different amounts of space inside the cooking chamber depending on how dense they are.

To make sure you don’t make the wrong purchase, you need to remember the following things. First, determine what size or quantity of food will normally be used in your air fryer.

Then try to match that specification with one of Phillip’s models (which are manufactured in the US). Their models will usually state their capacity in terms of the amounts of food they can fit inside them, usually measured in pounds.

For instance, the smaller models will fit inside about 1.8 roast chicken or five medium-sized burger patties at once, while the larger models fit inside roast chickens that weigh up to 8 pounds and 20 thick-cut pork chops at a time.

American air fryers have different types of models that have been categorized by the size of their containers which is measured in quarts.

Smaller models come from 3-4-quart capacities, larger models range from 6-7 quarts, and extra-large fryers often measure at up to 10-15 quarts or more if you opt for a commercial electric deep air fryer.

Which Size Air Fryer Should I Buy?

Logically, the larger the air fryer’s capacity is in quarts, the larger it will be. If you don’t have a lot of cooking space, it may be difficult to store large appliances like an air fryer.

If counter space is limited, choose a smaller model with a capacity of 2 to 3 quarts. The most common size is the 4-quart model which is slightly larger than an ordinary 4-slice toaster.

Obviously, if you want to keep your air fryer out on the countertop all of the time, where it’s easily accessed and visible for everyone in your household or family to see, then that medium will work too.

Bring it out whenever you plan on using it and then store it away in a cupboard or drawer when finished.

In order to know which size of air fryer you’ll need, measure the width and depth of where you want to place it at home.

Again, there are a number of handy quick air fryer charts online that compare a variety of popular air fryers that range from 2 to 16-quart capacity with their counter space dimensions.

What Size Air Fryers Will Cook a Whole Chicken?

One of the most popular foods made in an air fryer is a whole chicken. There are several reasons why this might be so:

  • First, there’s no need to find or clean a roasting pan before putting the chicken in the air fryer since it does not need to be greased and there won’t be any need for one either which saves you time and energy.
  • Second, the same health advantages exist whether or not you use an air fryer or employ another method of roasting so that’s something else to consider if time and convenience are important factors.
  • And lastly, roasting a whole chicken can save you money. it’s much cheaper than purchasing individual pieces such as legs, wings, and thighs separately especially when they can easily add up in cost during your next grocery outing.

This requires a larger capacity air fryer that can hold at least 5.3 quarts of food, but it is best to get one with at least 7 quarts of space, as even if the bowl was twice as large to fit up to 10 pounds of food it would easier to wash and store.

FAQs Related to What Size Air Fryer do I Need?

How do I choose the right size air fryer?

3.7L standard size for an air fryer is typically able to make enough food for 4 servings of food at a time, depending on what you’re making of course, but that will vary from recipe to recipe.
If you need to prepare dinner for the whole family, however, then you may find that a bigger air fryer can be more helpful.

Is the 4.5 qt air fryer big enough?

Air fryers are generally between 3.0 – 20 quarts, but the amount of room one air fryer has been really indicative of quality or durability.
You’ll find that you can find a much smaller-sized air fryer for about the same cost as an average air fryer.
One reason for this is because some people don’t have the room to spare for an air fryer which may take up too much counter space or even cabinets in their kitchen.
You should also consider how often you plan on using your new appliance and whether or not you’ll need a smaller-sized unit can make more sense than tipping the scales on price and functionality simply by going with a larger model instead.
4.5 qt is not big enough if you have a large family and you prepare a large amount of food.


If you are looking to buy an air fryer for your home, you may want to think about what size air fryer you will need.

It is essential to know the size of the air fryer you will need for your home so that you can find the perfect one for your needs.

The size of an air fryer can vary anywhere from 2 quarts to 5 quarts. If you are cooking for one or two people, you may not need a large air fryer.

This is especially true if you are only looking to make small snacks, like french fries. If you are cooking for a larger family or are looking to make meals, you will need to choose the size of air fryer that will be right for your needs.

If you are looking for an air fryer for your home, you should take some time to decide what size air fryer you will need for your home. I hope that you will understand What size air fryer do I need.

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